Q1.What is the typical life span of a finished atomizer core?

Depending on how often you use it, the finished zero carburetor will not wear out at the same rate. If you feel that the same flavor of vape oil is starting to change in your mouth, then it is time to replace the finished atomizer.


Q2.Is there any harm if the vape oil is not sufficiently atomized?

The ingredients in our vaping oils are harmless, but vaping oils that are not fully zeroed in on chemistry do not taste good and can greatly reduce the experience.


Q3.Very little smoke felt during use.

Just change to new oil after not smoke or smoke amount is small because the oil has not completely penetrated into the oil guide cotton

Smoking is difficult: improper use, in the case of the user is difficult to absorb, because the electronic cigarette can not keep up, so it can only work for a short period of time, the correct way to use is to smoothly suck down, in order to enjoy the pleasure of electronic cigarettes.


Q4.Do I need to set up an account to place an order? Can I shop without an account? 

You may place an order as a guest without an account. However, we recommend creating an account for personalized preferences to save the creations you desire and for ease of access for future purchases.


Q5.How can I make changes to my account details?

To make changes to your account, first, log in to your account. There you will have the option to modify your account details. Once you have updated your data, please ensure that you save your changes.